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Importance of Choosing a Reed Switch Over Other Methods of Providing Switches

A reed switch is very important in provision of security in a place. Its operation requires a magnetic field It has two ferromagnetic metals which are flexibleThey flexible metal contacts are in a hermetically sealed glass envelop. They are magnetic switches. Mechanical systems require them for proximity sensing The switches are in doors and windows alarm systems and tamper-proofing methods. Laptops need them for going off when the lid is lowered.These switches are important also because they help in controlling electric flow in circuit.When a magnetic field is moved towards the reed switch, the reeds made of iron are magnetized and move together or move away from each other.These switches do not require any power to work. It cannot work unless a magnetic field is present. These fields are invisible.

Several types of magnets are used in a Reed switch as without a magnet to create a magnetic field, the reed switch cannot work.The magnet to be used will depend on the size and structure of the reed switch. It also considers the distance of separation between itself and the magnet A large distance requires a much stronger magnet Permanent magnets are of less consideration compared to the flexible ones Neodymium and ferrite magnets are commonly used. The strength of the neodymium magnet is preferred. Ferrite has low strength but it produces a deep and strong magnet field

There are different types of reed switch devices. Normally closed and normally open switches are the main types. The reeds are not in contact in the normally open type when a field of magnet is moved towards the circuit, one of the ferric reeds is pulled towards each other completing the circuit.A normally closed reed switch will remain in contact with each other.When a magnetic field is introduced , the ferric reeds separate breaking the circuit. The third type has a lead moving between the two contacts. It moves from one contact to another when a magnetic field is introduced. The initial contact is restored by the withdrawal of the field

There are several advantages of using a Reed Switch.The main one is that the reed switches do not require power of supply of voltage for it to operate. Mechanical wear and tear is avoided as no mechanical stress is present The high sensitivity is preferred for its private working.They are also covered with glass tubes providing a protection against atmospheric corroding.They are more compact as compared to the other mechanical switches.

The switch requires cheap maintenance. Since no mechanical wearing and tearing the cost of repair is reduced. Power payments are not required as the switch is independent of power Security is increased by the fact that they can be used in a secret place or underground. To learn more tips about this article, see here:

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